Company Overview

EpiVax Oncology, Inc 

EpiVax Oncology, a precision cancer immunotherapy company, is developing mutanome-directed, neo-epitope personalized immunotherapies. EpiVax Oncology’s immunotherapies are customized and specifically designed for each patient’s tumors, leveraging advances in next generation sequencing and computational immunology.

Our superior neo-epitope selection process is based on Ancer™, advanced in-silico machine-learning algorithms, exclusively licensed to EpiVax Oncology by EpiVax.

We are addressing major unmet medical needs that are inadequately addressed by existing immuno-oncology approaches.

Incorporated in 2017 and based in New York City, EpiVax Oncology Inc. is a spin-out of EpiVax Inc. EpiVax Oncology leverages EpiVax’s world class excellence in computational-immunology, genomics and vaccine design, built over the last 20 years.  

EpiVax, a Rhode Island-based protein and vaccine design company founded in 1998 by Dr. Annie De Groot and Mr. Bill Martin, uses a staged process of computer analysis and lab-based assays to screen protein sequences for small immune-signaling components (T cell epitopes). Through a process of retrospective and prospective research, EpiVax has identified correlations between the signals identified in silico and in vitro and the immunogenicity of biologics. EpiVax technology is currently being applied to designing more effective vaccines and to the preclinical immunogenicity assessment of biologics. Nine out of the twelve top global biopharmaceutical companies use EpiVax tools to design novel biologics and vaccines. The privately owned company has been entirely funded through grants, commercial contracts and partnerships for 20 years.

Dr. De Groot and Mr. Martin are well-established experts in the field of immunogenicity assessment for biologics. Their work is cited in the current “Guidance for Industry: Immunogenicity Assessment for Therapeutic Protein Products” issued by the FDA.


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