The Neo-Epitope Revolution

The advent of Next Generation Sequencing has now made it possible to sequence the entire genome or exome (coding regions) of tumor and matched normal cells to identify all of the mutations that have occurred (mutanome). The resultant mutanome will then be used to personalize each cancer immunotherapy based on the patient’s genomics to improve patient outcomes. Neo-epitopes represent an untapped and promising therapeutic area for cancer treatment. Exploiting natural immune-surveillance, we direct the immune system into targeting the cancer cells specifically expressing neo-epitopes. Prior cancer vaccines target tumor-associated antigens, which are expressed on both healthy and cancerous cells and thus, leading to toxicities.


Ancer™ - derived neo-epitopes are exclusively expressed by cancer cells, allowing for a precision immunotherapy that focuses on "non-self" neo-epitopes thus avoiding both Treg mediated immune-suppressive effects and mediate “on-target, off-tumor” immune-related adverse events.

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